10% for Animals

rehabilitationAs long as I’ve been able to remember, I’ve always had a natural affinity for animals. Countless hours of watching nature documentaries, trips to various zoos, lectures, visiting wildlife preserves and more, completely cemented my love of animals.

Six years ago, I started as a volunteer animal care aide, working in the elephant barn, and have loved every minute of cleaning, diet preparation, and enrichment activities I’ve been able to assist with. In January 2015, I started volunteer work with the Ojai Raptor Center. It’s a complete love – rehabilitation, education, and conservation are three topics I hold close to heart. The longer I work with animals and non-profits, the more I am compelled to make a difference – no matter how small.

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of traveling to Kenya and had two bliss-filled weeks in the scorching sub-Saharan sun. It was an electrifying experience, but sobering. Human animal conflict, poaching, and habitat loss were things I was sadly able to see first hand.

So, light up some hope (literally!) with a POTH+CARY candle, or freshen up with a bar of cold process soap, and feel great knowing your purchase is making a difference somewhere in the world.



Photo Credit: Ojai Raptor Center